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Creag Foundation


“Innovation is creativity
with a job to do.” – John Emmerling



/ What We Do

The Creag Foundation is a private grant making foundation established in 2009 in Woodinville, Washington.

We provide grants to 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations with innovative approaches to addressing current social problems.

/ Who We Are

The founders of the Creag Foundation believe that meaningful change can only be achieved through hard work, creativity and passion. They also understand the practical mechanisms that allow charitable organizations to succeed and grow. As a group, Creag Foundation principals are dedicated to helping today’s most innovative programs improve the human condition in a wide variety of ways.

/ Our Focus

The broad purpose of the Foundation is to support the efforts of nonprofit organizations who are innovators in the field of human services. Our particular focus is on smaller organizations that are just starting out or established organizations that are looking for funding to take their organization in a new direction.

/ What We Fund

The Creag Foundation is in its early stages of development and grant making. For the current grant making period the Foundation will consider proposals from 501(c)(3) organizations that are innovators in the nonprofit community. If you believe that your organization has a new approach to an existing social problem or is addressing a previously unaddressed social issue, you are welcome to contact us an request a grant application.

/ Our Process

Applications to the Creag Foundation are by invitation only. If you believe that your organization fits our funding criteria, you are welcome to submit a letter of inquiry. Format requirements for the Letter of Inquiry are available in the Apply section of our website.

/ Creag Grantees

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/ Apply for a Grant

Applications to the Creag Foundation are accepted by invitation only. Organizations that believe they meet our funding criteria are welcome to submit a Letter of Inquiry setting forth:

  • The organization’s mission, history and date of 501(c)(3) approval.
  • The target population that the organization serves.
  • What makes the organization unique in the nonprofit community.
  • The amount and purpose of the grant funds sought.
  • The time period during which the funds sought will be used.